Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips for you & your Property

- Ensure you know the location of both indoor and outdoor isolation valves to your property

– Check Valves operate correctly every 3 months

– Ensure pipework/tanks are protected from cold weather & correct tank insulation is used to prevent debris entering system

– Regular service your heating system at once yearly to ensures safe good working order; can highly increase boiler efficiency

– Ensure all appliances have means of isolation

– Do not allow taps and valves to drip early prevention can save time and money especially if you water supply is metered

– When going on holiday, make sure that you isolate your water supply

– If a tap drips, open tap fully which may wash debris from the washer

– Ensure you know the location of all emergency controls for both electrical and fuel supply to your heating system

– Ensure you label valves to isolate individual parts of both cold and hot water supply

– Environment awareness

– FREE advice on how best to economically operate your heating system